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About Us

About G&L Chartered Business Consultants Pte Ltd

G&L Chartered Business Consultants Pte Ltd (G&L) is a business and corporate training consultancy firm based in Singapore, with an international presence in 17 Asia Pacific locations in 8 countries. It's international office locations include, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Beijing, Manila, Bangkok and Seoul.

G&L is dedicated in advising businesses particularly SMEs and start-ups in contract risk management, strategic business proposition, corporate governance, advising on selected SME Government Schemes and recommending of best business practices that suits individual business needs.

In the area of Personal Branding and Profiling (PB&P),  our consultants are dedicated to customising  'PB&P' Programme to help PMEs build an exquisite career brand that is unique to each and every individual. By embarking on the 'PB&P' Programme, it will allow PMEs job seekers gain confidence, build credibility and showcase speciality. At the end of the programme, PMEs job seekers would be able to position themselves as a cutting edge in the midst of competition and reached a desirable result in connecting with potential employers.

Despite the formal association, G&L's core business is also to provide corporate training and consultancy for Non-WSQ and Skills Future Courses in Commercial Contract Law (For non-Legal Professionals), Interest-Based Negotiation, PDPA, Employment Law, Customer Service Excellence (Masterclass) and Personal Branding & Image Management (Masterclass), and our corporate clientele include, SMRT, Fujitec Singapore Corporation Ltd, Hitachi Elevator Asia Pte Ltd, Enable Group, Riverchelles International Limited, Ingram Micro Inc (Singapore), D3signs Pte Ltd, BCS Information Systems Pte Ltd, Verz Design Pte Ltd, Singapore Debt Collection Service LLP etc, just to name a few. Our consultants are also experienced judges and adjudicators in both domestic and international I&E business competitions.

Asia Pacific Locations

Singapore Land Tower | Bangkok Anthenee Tower | Beijing LG Twin Towers | Jakarta One Pacific Place | Jakarta Sahid Sudirman Centre |

Jakarta Indonesia Stock Exchange | Jakarta Wisma Gkbi | Jakarta AXA Tower | KL Axiata Tower | KL Maxis 26th | KL Maxis 36th |

KL Q Sentral | Manila LKG Tower | Seoul Kyobo Building | Shanghai Pudong Bank of Shanghai | Shanghai Puxi New World Tower |