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Business Strategy & Planning (Masterclass)

Business Strategy & Planning (Masterclass)

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Business Strategy & Planning (Masterclass)


About this course

Course Objective(s)

The course aims to provide business development executives particularly the PMETs with a clear understanding on the fundamentals of business strategy and Planning. The course is specially designed to target PMETs, who are engaged in Business Development on a daily basis in this highly competitive business landscape. By acquiring these key skills and knowledge, it will aid PMETs who are engaged in Business Development to better contribute and play a proactive role in their scope of work.

Course Content

The 01-day course will cover key concepts of Litmus Test (internal evaluation), Competition Analysis (external evaluation), Comprehensive Business Planning with Business Modelling Canvas, Common business models and strategies, identifying resources and business needs and last but not least, Putting together a task list and Action Planning.