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Customer Service Excellence (Masterclass)

Customer Service Excellence (Masterclass)

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Customer Service Excellence (Masterclass)


About this course

Course Objective(s)

The objective(s) of the course seeks to holistically instil the basic awareness to a positive mindset towards customer service by understanding the importance of customer service, be it at internal or external level, understanding what is customer service, what it means by meeting customer’s expectation and meeting customer’s expectation exceedingly by applying the ‘Go the Extra Mile Service’ (G.E.M.S) concept. Attendees will also gain understanding on the importance of good technique to situation handling, and the repercussion if situations are not handled well. At the end of the course, attendees will be able to acquire key acknowledge and skills to an effective customer service. These key skills consist of, learning and understanding the importance of patience, attentiveness, clear communication skill, knowledge of product and services, ability to use positive language, acting skill, time management, ability to read customers, a calming presence, goal oriented focus, ability to handle surprises, persuasion skill, solution oriented, closing ability and the willingness to learn.

Course Content

The 01-day workshop is targeted at staffs who are required to handle both internal and external clients. Its main objective(s) would be to develop essential skills to help attendees to build a healthy mindset, and awareness to what is good customer service as so to create a lasting impression.     However, the workshop will not be complete without practical application of these skills taught. Hence, the second part of the workshop will see three parts of two-way role play, where attendees will gain practical hands-on experience through given scenarios and group discussions.