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Charis Soh (Ms.)

  /  Charis Soh (Ms.)

Charis Soh (Ms.)

Director & Company Secretary

G&L Business Operations & HR Function

Charis is responsible for managing all operations within the Asia Pacific region. Her main area of focus involves taking responsibility for day to day operations. She is in charge of major areas of operations such as recruitment, selection, managing staff, including performance monitoring, mentoring, training and customer relations.

Service to Profession

Charis is an Elected Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Music & Dance Educators (SimdE). Charis also serves as a Board Member of the Board of Directors, prior to her election as Fellow of the Institution.

My Education

Diploma in Nursing (Nanyang Polytechnic)


Specialist Certificate in General Music Theory (Berklee College of Music) (Boston)


Certificate in Basic Sports Science (Republic Polytechnic)