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SkillsFuture @G&L (Personal Branding & Image Management Workshop)

Event Details

  • From: June 7, 2017
  • To: June 8, 2017
  • Starting at: 10:00 AM
  • Finishing at: 05:00 PM

Event Price

  • $ 588.00


  • 10 Anson Road
  • International Plaza, #28-15
  • 079903
  • 68297253


  • Training Duration: 2 days (10a.m – 5p.m).
  • Venue: 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, #28-15, Singapore 079903. 
  • Fee: $588/pax (Pay Just $88 after 85% Government subsidy) (40% PIC Claimable for corporate companies) 
  • Suitable Job Level: PMETs, Non-PMETs & Business Owners.
  • Course materials + 2 Lunches & Tea-Breaks provided. 
  • Email Booking: Charis Soh, (Director Operations) at or call 6829 7253.


At the end of the programme, both non-PMETs and PMETs would be able to better understand individual strengthen and weaknesses, as so to be able to establish a personal unique branding that will readily enable them to contribute to the organization. As well as to management the image of oneself, to better present and creating a lasting impression in servicing existing and potential customers.

This programme seeks to provide learners with a clear understanding of the importance of Personal Branding & Image Management, and how it could be a crucial factor for those required to service and handle customers particularly in the context of face to face.


Course Content

The 02-day workshop is targeted at both PMET and Non-PMET. Its main objective(s) would be to develop essential skills to help both Non-PMETs and PMETs, to build an exquisite personal brand that is unique to each and every individual. By embarking on the programme, it will allow learners to gain confidence, build credibility and showcase specialty as so that to create a lasting impression in the mind of potential clients, by incorporating Personal Branding strategies by affiliation and accreditation, activating strengthens by the 3Cs concept, understanding why weakness can be toxic to one’s career, activating weakness by the 3Ms concept. However, Personal Branding would not be complete without proper and effective image management.

In image management, the crucial topic and the ultimate goal is to help learners understand the importance of a good image, and how could it be effectively and easily managed. Using a collective concept of ‘judgment’, ‘assessment’ and ‘impression’ principle, this method is aimed to create the awareness of the ‘non-verbal communication’ element in professional image. As so that, learners can position themselves holistically when meeting clients, and present themselves better that will eventually contribute to the company’s branding as a frontline staff.

Meet the Trainer:

Zann Koh


Zann Koh is a certified and experience image consultant of 22 years. Prior to joining G&L, Zann had spent more than a decade in conducting numerous image management workshops for both in-house and corporates. She is a specialist in image management for both men and women.  Her specialisation include, beauty makeovers to help working professionals land better jobs, or just feel better about themselves. She coaches both PMETs and non-PMETs on the right wardrobe style for the image they want to project, and even weed out closets or go on shopping expeditions.

Image Management Consultation and Training:

Zann’s training and consultancy practice mainly focus on, providing image, and designing of image management programme for a variety of corporate clientele. Her expertise are often sought after in various industries, and it has ever since help to improve businesses’ customer service efficacy.

In the course of consultation or training, Zann will give hair and makeup advice, color-consulting, and instructions for self-confidence. Zann also work with corporate clients by recommending new employee uniform styles, or by teaching multicultural etiquette, or body-language basics for better sales and customer relations. Apart from the basic necessities to a better image management, she also work with clients that are facing the media spotlight to help them look and act their best. Zann finds her satisfaction when she help someone achieve a better job, or media success, or just feel good about themselves.

Zann possesses an innate sense of style and up-to-the-second knowledge of fashion, hair and makeup trends–and how to apply that makeup–in personal and corporate settings. She also believes in keeping up to date about the latest trends and conventions in big- and small-business conduct, simply because we are dealing with people on one of the most personal levels. As an professional image consultant, Zann possesses the soft skill in pointing out negative traits and suggest changes without hurting the feelings of those who seek help.
Service to Profession: 
– Member, Association of Image Consultants International (AICI)