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Why is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) so important in any career?
CPD, or ‘continuing professional development’ is one of those things most of us have heard of in our professional careers, but never really seem to take on as often as we’d like to. A lot of us are responsible for our own professional development, and as such we don’t look into it properly, or at all.
You’re not the only person in the world doing the job that you do. Others in the same industry as you will be doing continuous professional development, and you’ll need to keep up with them. As more people become further advanced in their field, industry working standards start to rise when giving promotions, pay rises and general jobs. If you don’t have the sufficient training that a newcomer will likely have done, then your professional days may be numbered!
With the right training and ability, the service you’ll be delivering to clients, the community, customers or even other co-workers will improve as you gain more knowledge surrounding your field.
As they say, knowledge is power. In professional terms, this can be true. The more you know about your role, the business you work for and the practises it does will make you more valuable as an employee and a team member. If your company is thinking of making any job cuts and it’s between you and someone else who knows a little bit more than you about their job, then unfortunately it may be you who gets let go. Not only does CPD give you value within the company, but within your team too. If you know what you’re talking about in your job more than others, you’ll have more respect from your co-workers.
CPD isn’t purely for the benefit of the company you work for; it’s as much personal development as it is professional. Certain CPD courses can increase your confidence and overall wellbeing. It can make you feel more valued and sometimes even inspire you to work harder in a company that at one point you may have considered leaving. You might find that you’ll push for targets that you never felt you had the knowledge to take on previously.
Because it’s quite personal, it’s always worth investing your own time and money into CPD if you can. That way, it’s not at the credit of your employer and you’re not tied into a six-month course whilst being at a company you want to move on from. Some training courses can go on a lot longer than expected!
Author: Georgina Bloomfield