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Our Areas of Practice

Consultation & Main Areas of Practice

Improvement of cash flow efficiency

Cash flow inadequacy is an inevitable aspect that businesses are battling as part of the enterprise journey, in different phases whether big or small. Many business opens its door to many alternatives and possibilities to improve cash flow such as, potential angle investors, crowd funding, capital investment, cutting operation cost or even cutting marketing cost.

However, entrepreneurs fail to realize and recognize the fact that, when an investor(s) comes into your business, you automatically looses full executive control of it.

At G&L we incorporate various strategic and sound initiatives to help improve your business cash flow, without having to risk the executive control over your business.

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Redesigning of management workflow

Management is often deem unimportant or neglected in the life spend of an entrepreneur. It often revolves around the question that starts with 'H',which commonly translates to the lopsided focus only on healthy or unhealthy revenue per se.

How do I get more business?
How do I improve my product?
How to get more customer?

At G&L, the main areas we look into are, how the various departments integrate into the business and mitigating potential "agencies conflict" within the organization.

Other aspects that would potential be disruptive to the organization's management competency, efficiency and productivity will be looked into as part of a complete workflow consultancy service.

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Customization of operation work flow

At G&L, we help you understand the importance of good business practice, and how it will affect the productivity of your staffs in your organization. By customizing or redesigning it to your specific need, the effect will be translated to better productivity from more motivated staffs and inclusive working environment.

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Advice on selected SME Government schemes

There are more than 50 SME schemes launched throughout the years to help SME gain better access and encourage initiatives towards productivity, innovation and internalization.

However, how many of the business owners out there really know about the details of those schemes, and its mechanism?

At G&L, we are dedicated in making relevant recommendations on SME Governmental Schemes and/or Assistance Schemes that suits your business model, operation and ideology.

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Designing of marketing strategy & workflow

Marketing is an essential element in any business. It acts as a bridge of communication between the business and mess customers. However, many a times, businesses finds it a challenge to conceptualize through innovation, strategize and positioning its marketing proposition.

At G&L, we customize and redesign your marketing strategy proposition base on your marketing budget, your business model, your outreach objectives with the incorporation of an unique comprehensive workflow plan. As we believe, every organization has its own story to tell!

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Designing of business development work plan

Developing a business needs vast contacts and many a times even connections. Entrepreneurs often face these challenging questions that starts with "W"s and "H", that will normally take time before the answer is known. Who do we know, How to get to know the right people at the right place, at the right time, What do we know about business and entrepreneurship and Where to get business opportunities.

Therefore, that results in attending countless networking events, just hoping to meet the right person at the right place, at the right time.

To develop a successful business, you need to know and find synergy with the right potential partners.

At G&L, we design and customize the work plan for the entire year. As so that, there would be development continuously. And we strive to be a bridge to efficiently link and create effective business bilateral relationship, between our client and their potential business partner. It is done through our vast connections with both local and international private sectors as well as Government agencies.

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Contract management

While, organizations encounter an ever-increasing amount of pressure to reduce costs and improve company performance, it is also important not to neglect the contractual advantages and disadvantages.

In contract management, we focus on the process of managing contract creation, execution and analysis to maximize operational and financial performance of your organization, all while reducing financial and legality risk.

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Designing of strategic business proposition

A company’s business proposition is one of the most important aspects of its strategy. It is one of the key elements of its strategic triangle.

At its most basic, it answers the question: “Why do customers buy our products or use our services among others?”

Value propositions is important in almost any strategic task:

  • When you are a new start-up, you are searching for a highly differentiated business or value proposition that will convert customers for you.
  • When you are entering a market, you are looking for a differentiated business or value proposition that will enable you to differentiate your business from the incumbents and win market share.
  • When you are launching a new product, how will it enhance your business or value proposition.
  • When making product or market choices, you need to know where is your differentiated business or value propositions to build growth upon.

At G&L, we customize and strategize your business profile to bring your value proposition to limelight.

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Business coaching and mentoring

Aspiring or start-up entrepreneurs are not lack of good ideas. However, the journey of an entrepreneur is never going be smooth sailing, with many obstacles ahead.

Entrepreneurship is never about ideas per se. Being mentored and coached by experience entrepreneurs, top CEOs or business people is essential and crucial for new start-ups. The mentors or coaches will follow you through your enterprise journey and acts as a sounding board to eliminate potential risk in your business.

New entrepreneurs can as well take the opportunity to develop new life skills, enhancing current skills and acquire new skills.

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